Welcome to our new website

This website has been designed to increase the accessibility of CAI resources and provide more comprehensive information about climate issues impacting agriculture.

We launched this site under our new name, Climate & Agriculture Initiative BC, which emphasizes our focus on agriculture. (We were previously known as the BC Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative.)

Learn about key issues

The Climate Issues section explains five of the most common climate issues impacting farmers across BC and highlights selected resources for each:

Find resources and tools

Search and filter options in the Tools & Resources Library improve access to the 120+ materials that have been developed over the past decade through CAI-delivered programs.

Each item in the library features a description to provide information about the resource without having to download it.

Discover projects

The Regional Adaptation section describes CAI projects and provides snapshots of the agricultural and climate context for eight regions:

A page for BC describes CAI activities that have had provincial-level impact.

Explore the site

The new site also adds an events calendar, describes the programs we deliver and clarifies where our funding comes from.

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Let us know what you think of our redesigned site!

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