About Us

The Climate & Agriculture Initiative BC (CAI) supports the province’s agriculture sector with adapting to climate change.


  • Create networks and foster partnerships and collaboration
  • Implement projects to demonstrate, test and evaluate approaches and practices
  • Develop resources and tools
  • Share information and transfer knowledge

CAI was established in 2008 through a partnership of the BC Agriculture Council and the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC. This model enabled a proactive and pan-agriculture approach to climate change.

Today, CAI continues with this model as it delivers the BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries‘ climate change adaptation programs. The two key programs are:

  • the Regional Adaptation Program, which focuses on regional-level strategic planning and project implementation
  • the Farm Adaptation Innovator Program, which focuses on farm-level applied research projects

Through these programs and provincial-level work, CAI brings together agricultural organizations, producers, government and researchers to collaboratively address climate change challenges.

CAI also works closely with the BC Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research Network (ACARN), which it helped establish in 2017. This collaboration helps build capacity for agricultural adaptation research and increase extension of results.

The climate change adaptation programs are funded by the provincial and federal governments. Agricultural organizations, local governments, NGOs and other partners provide additional project-specific funding and in-kind support.

CAI activities from 2018-2020

CAI activities from 2013-2018

Planning for climate change, 2010-2013

Our Partners

Guiding principles

  • Increased knowledge and awareness of climate change projections, impacts and adaptation strategies among government and industry builds adaptive capacity.
  • Combining data collection and research with practical knowledge and experience is critical to developing the tools and resources that benefit producers.
  • Involvement of local government and industry partners through participation and financial contribution is a strong indicator of success.
  • Testing and demonstrating new approaches, tools and resources builds a foundation for adaptation.









  • Changed name to Climate & Agriculture Initiative BC (CAI) to emphasize agricultural focus and reduce confusion with other climate action groups

Programs we deliver

The climate change adaptation programs we deliver bring together agriculture, research and government.