Agroforestry for water conservation: webinar

This webinar features professional agrologist George Powell explaining the water cycle and agroforestry, or how to tap into the water conservation benefits of trees on farms.

It includes the following:

  • How producers can build their operation’s natural capacity to trap and hold water on the land
  • An overview of the water cycle and how agriculture influences, and is influenced by, the movement of water
  • An overview of how agroforestry systems work as a tool for water management and how to enhance farm water availability using trees and shrubs
  • Examples of using shelterbelts, silvopasture and riparian buffers

Learn more about best practices for water management in our webinars about keyline design, soil organics and soil tilth, and dryland hay production; a summary of online resources; and the 2021 project report.


Watch on YouTube: Agriculture, the Water Cycle and Agroforestry