Farm Water Planning Toolkit

This toolkit was designed to support a facilitated, integrated approach to water planning for individual farm operations.

The toolkit was intended to:

  • Be applicable to many farm types
  • Address a spectrum of water management issues, including considerations related to climate change
  • Result in an individual farm plan for water management

The farm water planning process includes:

  • Reviewing current water resources, systems and practices on the farm
  • Analyzing significant water issues and opportunities
  • Identifying practical strategies to address issues, take advantage of opportunities, and build resilience for the future

Toolkit modules cover: water supply, storage, drainage, water quality and water use.

The toolkit was first developed through a pilot project in the Cowichan Valley in 2016. A second phase of testing and refinement occurred in the Okanagan in 2017, and results are detailed in a summary report.


Toolkit - Farm Water Planning - 2018

7 MB, pdf