Priority pest issues in the Fraser Valley

These resources identify priorities for improved resources, research and actions to address agricultural pest issues in the Fraser Valley.

The 2017 report analyzes the results of a 2016 pest inventory, identifying key areas for future attention and investment. It includes both emerging pest threats and established pests.

This analysis also informed the selection of topics for a series of pest fact sheets to improve knowledge and promote management.

The analysis also identified three research gaps, pointing to priority areas for future research:

  • Pest resistance to treatment products
  • The occurrence and distribution of some pests, such as nematodes
  • Pests as vectors for plant pathogens

The 2018 report summarizes a series of activities addressing priority pest issues, including:

  • Results from two focus groups that aimed to identify solutions for monitoring, management, education and research for two key pests: spotted wing drosophila and helminths
  • Results from a cross-commodity workshop to foster collaboration and communicate earlier project findings


Project Report - Fraser Valley Pest Assessment Inventory - 2017

1 MB, pdf

Project Report - Enhancing Information and Collaboration for Managing Emerging Pests - 2018

1,020 KB, pdf