Weather data and tools for the Peace

The BC Peace Agri Weather Network website provides weather information and decision support tools for producers in the Peace region.

It displays data gathered from 23 stations and allows individuals to create an account to access more in-depth weather forecasting and decision tools on a field by field basis.

The site includes:

  • Crop specific growth stages
  • Crop heat units
  • Growing degree days calculator
  • Evapotranspiration/water check
  • Soil water balance
  • Fusarium Head Blight risk
  • Forage calculator
  • Raw historical weather data

The website was developed based on the findings from the accompanying 2014 report.

The report details the results of a project that studied and evaluated options for improving weather data collection and availability in the Peace region. The project identified gaps in monitoring and developed recommendations for increasing the availability of data and decision-support tools for producers in the region.


Project Report - Increasing Availability of Agriculturally Relevant Weather Data - 2014

6 MB, pdf


BC Peace Agri Weather Network